I bet you all thought the site was dead, huh? Well, for the summer, I guess it was. My work and family schedule got so crazy that weeks would go by without me being able to get near a computer, so I really couldn’t run the site. 😦

But with the school year back in full swing, putting my co-workers and family back into a normal schedule, I am now back on my normal schedule, with plenty of regular computer time.

It will naturally be a little slow going while we all try to get back on track. But in the next few weeks be expecting to see new reviews from us here at Obscure Classics. Maybe we’ll even be adding a new member or two to the team. We’ll also try to get the weekly debates off the ground, and see if we can’t get the podcast running again. My brother and I will also be releasing a (non-obscure classics) film podcast which I will post the links to whenever we get around to finally getting it up. We’ve already recorded one, but there were some MASSIVE technical difficulties, and the audio track wasn’t even usable.

So just hang in there with us, we’ll be back to normal soon.