There’s nothing quite like discovering a forgotten classic. Whether it’s a lesser known film from an actor or director you love, or a film that completely introduces a knew group of talent to you, finding a great film that doesn’t get a lot of love is exciting.

I’m a big fan of obscure classics. Sometimes I see them just because I’m trying to view the entire filmography of a favorite actor or director, and sometimes I just find them because I record anything that looks remotely interesting from TCM. I’ve discovered some of my very favorite actors and actresses this way.

But there are just so many unknown films that it’s hard to tell which ones are going to be the great ones, and which ones are forgotten for a reason. That’s why I started this blog, to help other classic film fans find and enjoy the best that obscure classic cinema has to offer.

Obscure Classics is a series of websites devoted to obscure and neglected films, actors, and directors of the classic era. The current blogs are Madge Evans and Frank Borzage. All information, reviews, essays, etc. regarding them will be posted on their pages. Some of that material will also be poster on the Obscure Classics Home Page, which will also feature material on other obscure classics that do not yet have their own home.

If you have questions, suggestions, material you’d like featured on the site, or a favorite forgotten star you’d like to see a paged dedicated to, just email me at


21 Responses to “About”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m a new fan of the site. I love classics!

    Can you suggest 10 MUST-SEE movies to get me started on obscure classics? And what movie is that picture from on the “About” page?


  2. obscureclassics Says:

    That’s actually a good idea for a little feature for the site, so if you can wait a little while, I might be able to get all of the writers to put together a list.

    The picture is form Letty Lynton. And since you asked about it, I think I’ll go ahead and make it the YouTube movie of the week.

  3. s-dee Says:

    Love that picture:)…And your blog!

    I think the best movie ever made is Breakfast at tiffany`s… Closely followed by Funny face (ok.ok. some painfully long singing- scenes in the last one…but still SSOOO adorable… And Audrey Hepburn is so great:)

  4. John Peckham Says:


    I don’t know if you can help, but I’ve been looking for the name of a certain movie for 25 years. When I was a teenager, I saw this movie about a rich gentleman who wanted to leave his inheritance to family but had none close to him. Discovering some distance relatives, he decided to leave them a small amount to see how it affected their lives. He also moved into their boarding house under an assumed name and took a job at the local soda fountain. The money ended up hurting the once-happy family so in the end he decides not to leave them the rest and they can be happy again. Does this sound like a familiar movie? Any help you can give me to clear up this mystery would be extremely appreciated. I very much like your site. Thank you for your time.

    John Peckham

  5. obscureclassics Says:

    It doesn’t sound familiar to me off hand, but if I think of it I will let you know. And maybe somebody else will see this comment and know what movie you’re talking about.

  6. Greg Dickson Says:

    Hey Katie,

    I don’t know exactly what happened, but my email account (obscureclassics) was deactivated.

    I tried to get a hold of you, but I got some kind of error message when I emailed you. What is your new email address?

    Man, life has been very busy lately. I see that you have returned to the website these last few weeks, I would like to as well. Lets sit down some time and discuss the particulars of it.

    Hit me up when you get this please. I hope all is well with you. I miss talking movies with you. We gotta catch up!

    Oh, and by the way, Happy Halloween! 😉


    Hit me up on Skype or email me at my old email (not the obscureclassics one). I’d rather not post it here. I’ll check back here periodically as well.

  7. obscureclassics Says:

    Hey, Greg, I hope you get this because I don’t remember your old email. I’d really love to have you back on the site and to do the podcast again. If you do see this, just post here. For some reason, my new email just plain doesn’t work. Must be some kind of glitch on Yahoo. I’ll need to start another email address.

  8. Greg Dickson Says:

    Cool, let me know when you get an email address that I can use so I can send you an email. I want to discuss the site with you, like the podcast for instance. Also, do you have a current email address for dreiser900?

  9. obscureclassics Says:

    Try emailing me at

  10. Greg Dickson Says:


    I’ll hit you up.

    By the way, have you heard about this classic film festival in Hollywood that TCM is doing? It is in April. You should try and make it if possible. I am looking at the site now ( and one of the movies they will be playing is Man’s Castle!

    Check it out!

  11. Maria Says:

    Hi! I’d like to buy a few obscure classics on dvd as Christmas gifts — can you suggest the best/one of the better sites for this?

  12. obscureclassics Says:

    I’d say as far as really good prices and amazing selection, is the best place to go. They aren’t commercial DVDs, but they’re usually really good quality, and if they’re not it usually says so right on the site. is also a really good place to go. Just put the movie or director or actor you’re looking for in the search engine. You might also find some cool memorabilia this way.

  13. Erin Says:

    I just stumbled onto this website looking for a photo of Ginger Rogers in that awesome hat from 5th Ave Girl. You guys rock my world!
    How do you feel about Star of Midnight?

  14. obscureclassics Says:

    I ADORE Star of Midnight. It’s easily my favorite of the Thin Man knockoffs. I actually probably like it more than I like The Thin Man.

  15. Erin Says:

    My absolute favorite screwball comedies are Easy Living w/ Jean Arthur & Ray Milland and Bringing up Baby. Jean Arthur is my favorite comedic actress. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but if you haven’t 1937’s Easy Living is a great Preston Sturges film. And I’m glad you feel that way about Star of Midnight, because I do to. The Thin Man always depresses me a little, but Star of Midnight is just about having a good time.

  16. Greg Says:

    Okay, Katie, I emailed you. Thanks for the email address.

  17. Greg Dickson Says:

    Did you get it?

  18. Jennifer Says:

    This is a great site. Madge Evans is one of my favorite actresses and discovering the blog about her was a gift from the movie gods. My favorite films are silents and Pre-Codes. I’m so happy to find others who appreciate them.

  19. Andrew Sherwood Says:

    to Mr john Peckham may 2009
    Answer to question.’Has anybody seen my gal’ universal 1952

  20. John Peckham Says:

    To Mr. Andrew Sherwood,

    Thank you so much, sir. As I wrote in the original post, I’ve been searching for this title for 25 years. You have solved one of the most prolific mysteries of my life. I know that sounds dramatic but, really, the question of what movie it was that I’d happened to catch one Sunday afternoon when I was a teenager has haunted me. I’ve already moved it to the top of my Netflix list to watch again as soon as possible. Thanks again, Mr. Sherwood!

  21. whit Says:

    I don’t know if this is a classic but over the holidays I saw a film that I never even heard of but I really enjoyed it.

    It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947) w/
    Victor Moore

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