Katie Richardson was born in 1986, long after most of her favorite films we released. She formed her love of film at a very young age, through Disney films and other cartoons, and that love only grew throughout the years as more films became available to her. Katie’s love of classics began when she would watch old movies with her grandfather, but it wouldn’t really become the main passion in her life until she was a teenager. She loves the purity of classic film making. But beyond that, she simply has a passion for that entire era (generally 1920-1940), even outside of film. The evolution of film, both technically and thematically, fascinates her, and she hopes to one day study film history and to pursue a career in it. There’s nothing quite like finding a wonderful classic movie that is undiscovered by many, so Katie began the Obscure Classics site to help others find those lesser known films that they might end up loving.

email: katieobscureclassics@yahoo.com

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Thanks mainly to his parents, Greg Dickson, who was born long after the release of any film discussed on this website, has long had an interest in the films of yesteryear and now looks forward to continuing to contribute to the website both through the written word and through participation in the podcasts. One of his earliest memories was of what seemed like an impossibly old black and white film that sparked the imagination of a young Greg, resulting in an imitation of the lead character who was a detective. Greg would snoop around the house looking for clues and roughing up any of the imaginary characters who stood in the way of his sleuthing. Little did Greg know that the viewing of movies suchas this one would become a lifelong pursuit. The name of this film that arguably started it all for Greg: The Maltese Falcon. It remains a favorite of his.

email: gregobscureclassics@yahoo.com

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James White has been an active Rotten Tomatoes member for over six years. It’s through this association that he encountered Katie and Greg and especially through the former, he gained a much larger appreciation for Hollywood classics from the 1930’s. Pre-code films in particular, hold a fascination for James because often times they are racier and more bombastic than movies released today. Hollywood pictures from 1929 to 1934 also have diverse roles for women many times complete with empowerment. Imagine that. His favorite actress is Barbara Stanwyck and she thrived in the period before the Hays Code was enforced.
Mr. White holds a masters degree in business and he’s been working in the Silicon Valley High-tech industry for several years.

email: jamesobscureclassics@yahoo.com


4 Responses to “The Obscure Classics Team”

  1. I love your site! I want you for my “beloved Links” area. How about me for your “other links”?. If you think I am link-worthy, let me know. –Mykal

  2. obscureclassics Says:

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to you. I never want to link a site until I’ve really looked at it, and I haven’t had much time to just sit down in dig into a site lately. I’d love to link to your site.

  3. Mykal Banta Says:

    Thanks so much for the link and thanks twice for the generous blurb on your site. Thanks for the kind words. I think your site, and the level of writing found there, is excellent and will have you linked up on my site with 24 hours.

  4. emily Says:


    Is there a way to subscribe to this blog and I’m just not seeing it? I thought I already was, but I don’t get notified when you post new things.

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