I’m really glad that it looks like both Greg and James are back to posting on a somewhat regular basis. Not just because I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had much time to update (well, that, too I guess), but because I’m going to continue to be busy with Faulkner February.

I’m doing Faulkner February HARDCORE this year. It’s more than just reading a few books. I’m turning it into a whole project. Seven books (which means 50 pages a day). It might interest you guys, though, because I will also be watching the Faulkner films I can get my hands on (without putting down cash, which is tight right now).

This doesn’t mean I won’t be updating here for the next 40 days at all. I will be. Just not as often as I used to. But as soon as Faulkner February is over, I will definitely be back to the old schedule.

So head over to my other blog, thoughtful.thinking.thoughts if you’re interested. I start my reading tomorrow.


It was just pointed out to me that I have City Lights in two positions on my top 100 of the 1930s list. So I scroll down and I see that, yes, I also posted it as #74. So I go back and look at the list, and I realize that I can’t read. #74 is City Girl, not City Lights. So tomorrow I will do a write up for City Girl, post it separately to makes up for the fact that I didn’t post it where it was supposed to go, and then put it in the right post.

Well, not really. The virus itself is still wreaking havoc on my computer. (I have no sound, whee!) But I did defeat the thing keeping me from the site. For some reason, the virus kicked my internet security into high gear (despite the fact the the anti-virus/internet security was not actually doing anything about the virus) and it was no longer allowing me to go to mail or news sites. And for some reason, wordpress was categorized as news.

So I just said frak it and I deleted the Internet Security thingum I was using, and now I can see the site just fine. So I’ll be updating with a new entry to the Top Films of the 1930s today.

Thanks to James for posting that message for me!

Hi everybody!

Katie contacted me today and asked if I would communicate a message. She is currently experiencing a virus problem with her computer. Steps are being taken to resolve her issues and she should be back online soon.

For my part, I have not submitted a review in several weeks. I plan to change that starting this weekend.

Happy holidays,


I just want to alert you all to a very well done and thorough blog, Where Danger Lives.  It’s all about film noir and dark cinema, and it has some of the best reviews I’ve seen online. So definitely check it out. It will be added to the list of links on this site.

I’m going to be posting the first entry for the Top 100 Films of the 1930s list soon, and I just wanted to do the general disclaimer stuff so people don’t get their panties in a twist.

Eligibility is a really simple. It just had to be made between 1930 and 1939. I went by IMDb dates, because that’s just easiest.

This is not a consensus list. This is a list made by one person (me).  As such, the list is according to me. It is a list of my favorites, which means it’s entirely subjective.

As always, comments are appreciated on any and all write ups I do for the list, but please keep them respectful, even if you disagree with a placement or  a film.


I feel really bad because I haven’t updated in a awhile. This time, though, it’s not because I’ve been sick or because I didn’t have time (well, it was a little bit because of the latter. I didn’t have time to watch any movies, so no reviews came out). But I’ve been having trouble thinking of anything to write. I’m in a rut. It happens.

So I figured I’d just do a list. That way I’ll have something to write for a really long time. And I’ll feel kind of professional. I’ll be a film blog that has a list. It will be totally awesome.

Those of you who frequent Rotten Tomatoes may have seen a similar list I did a few years ago, so there probably won’t be too many surprises or anything. The list probably will be reworked a bit, though.

I need to put the finishing touches on the rankings, so expect the list to start either tomorrow or Thursday. Get excited. Because it’s going to be awesome.

I bet you all thought the site was dead, huh? Well, for the summer, I guess it was. My work and family schedule got so crazy that weeks would go by without me being able to get near a computer, so I really couldn’t run the site. 😦

But with the school year back in full swing, putting my co-workers and family back into a normal schedule, I am now back on my normal schedule, with plenty of regular computer time.

It will naturally be a little slow going while we all try to get back on track. But in the next few weeks be expecting to see new reviews from us here at Obscure Classics. Maybe we’ll even be adding a new member or two to the team. We’ll also try to get the weekly debates off the ground, and see if we can’t get the podcast running again. My brother and I will also be releasing a (non-obscure classics) film podcast which I will post the links to whenever we get around to finally getting it up. We’ve already recorded one, but there were some MASSIVE technical difficulties, and the audio track wasn’t even usable.

So just hang in there with us, we’ll be back to normal soon.

The Rotten Tomatoes forums are going to be down for about a week for a systems upgrade, so I’m going to spending a little more time a the TCM forums, and I thought it might be a fun thing for the Obscure Classics gang and our readers to do. Join up at TCM, post at the forums together. They’ve also got this new Film Union thing where you can friend each other and become fans of stars and movies. It’s kind of neat, and I think it would be fun if we all did that together.

James and I are planning a new feature in which we have a weekly discussion/debate through email and then post it here at the end of the week.

We’re looking for topics for these discussions, so we’d love to hear from you guys.

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