A lot of romantic comedies are kind of fantasy fulfillment. Normal girls, swept off their feet by perfect men, or involved in a situation where more than one man wants them. Or, in the case of three alarmingly similar films, one from the 1930s, one from the 1940s, one from the 1950s, in a situation where three men want them. The simple, small town girl dreams of having a great love, and ends up being torn between the childhood sweetheart, the dream man, and the lovable jerk. Well, the childhood sweetheart is pretty much out of the question from the get go for all the movies. Then it comes down to the other two. Who will she choose. One of the nice things about these movies, at least two of them, is that both guys seem like good enough choice, and you really aren’t sure which one she will choose.

These three films also provide some fascinating characters and character interaction that deserves to be closely looked at. So for three days, I’ll take a look at one of these films each day, analyzing the story and the characters.