Have you dreamed of having your reviews and essays featured on our site? Have you fantasized about the enormous fame you’d have if only you could be a member of the Obscure Classics team?

Well, lucky for you, we’re recruiting! I’m currently looking for one or two people to add to the awesomely awesome team here.

Yes, in the past, we’ve been open to people just sending in reviews for us to post. But I’ve been trying to get the site a little more organized lately, so from now on, I’ll only be accepting posts from people on the team.

I’ve already signed up one new person from over at Rotten Tomatoes, and I’d like to sign on one or two others.

If you are selected to be a part of the team, your reviews and essays will be featured on the site for all to see. The “Reviews and Essays” section is going to be slightly redone. Anyone who has already written for us, but had less than 5 posts, will be listed under “Guest Writers” while the rest will be listed under “The Obscure Classics Team”.

There will be requirements for writing for us. Nothing crazy, of course. Just that you have to write at least one piece every two week. You may, of course, write more than that. You can write as much as you want. Just as long as you get one piece up every two weeks. And we, of course, understand that at times there will be conflicts due to illness, vacations, or even if you get extra busy at work or school. Just let us know.

You will have to use a full name. We won’t post under screen names. If you’re uncomfortable using your real name on your reviews, then feel free to make up a name. Just as long as it’s a full name.

If any of that is hard to understand, don’t worry about it. I’ll go deeper into our requirements once we’ve chosen a new team member.

So, here’s what you have to do to be chosen. Write one review, and one essay (it doesn’t matter what the essay is, just as long as it isn’t a review. A character analysis, an in depth look at a certain type of film, or a certain director… it doesn’t matter), and make sure they’re about obscure classics films.  If you aren’t sure whether the film you’ve chosen is obscure or not, you can drop me a line asking, so in case I decide it’s not, you won’t have written a whole review for nothing. I’d also like it if you sent in a list of your 10 favorite films of all time, as well as a list of you 10-20 favorite obscure classics films.

I’ll look over the reviews and essays, consult with the other writers, and make a choice. You have plenty of time to send it in, so don’t worry. You have until October 1st to apply.

Send all applications to obscure_classics@yahoo.com

I really looks forward to reading everyone’s submissions. Every submission we receive will be posted on the site, and added to the Reviews and Essays section as a “Guest Writer” (unless you specify that you don’t want yours poster).