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I’m inĀ  bit of a hurry, so I just wanted to get the podcast up. I’m working out the RSS feed and everything, but you can listen to our very first podcast now.

Yay for us! Greg and I finally got together and were able to test out the podcast equipment and really plan, and we’ve decided that our first podcast will focus on the lovely Jean Harlow, who, while an icon of the time, has a large filmography of underseen films. We haven’t set an exact date yet, but it will be done within the next few weeks.

And we need your help! The Jean Harlow survey will be posted on the Podcast page of the site (here), and we need you guys to fill it out and send it to us so we can read them on the podcast. A big part of the show is going to come from the people who read the site, so be the awesome people we know you are and help us out by filling out the survey. And just add a little bit of an explanation for each choice.

Just wanted to let you guys know where we are on the podcast. It looks like we’ll be able to test the equipment on Thursday night, so hopefully we’ll have out first topic settled on by the weekend. And then we really hope to have the first podcast finished and online by the first week of June.

We really need your help though. We want all of the people who read this blog to participate in the podcasts. For each subject, there will be a little survey that we’ll ask you guys to fill out (which will always be on the Podcast page). However, we could use some help thinking of categories for this survey.

We really don’t have that many thought up right now…

For actors/actresses we have….

Best Film

Best Costar

Best Leading Lady/Leading Man

Best Performance

Essential Scene

Best Director Collarboration

And for Directors we have…

Best Film

Essential Scene

Essential Style

Best Actor Collaboration

Best Collaboration (non-actor)

So, obviously, we need more categories than that so any that you guys can think of would be hugely appreciated. And we’ll take any creative ideas, too. We don’t just need “Best blah blah blah”. If you have any other kind of idea for the survey, we’d love to hear it.

Yes, we were offline so to speak for a long time. Finals and real life and whatnot piled up on me, so I decided to just take a break and start up again when I was finished with school. And now I am!

However, I’m putting a lot of work in getting the podcast running smoothly. So I won’t be doing much writing for the next week or so myself. However, I have several reviews backed up from other people to post. So there’s going to be a lot of new material for the next few days.

And yes, Greg and I are working diligently on the podcast. I really want to have the first one up by the end of the month. Right now we’re still working on technical aspects.

As for how that podcast is going to work…. we want a big part of it to be contributed by you guys, the readers. Basically the format will consist of a little survey we fill out every week for the actor/actress/director we choose. Thing like “Best Movie”, “Best Performance”, “Best Co-star”… stuff like that. And you guys can fill out your own form for every podcast and we’ll read them. There will be a page added to the site for podcast stuff, where you’ll be able to download the podcast, a schedule of upcoming podcasts, and the survey. I’ll get that site up once Greg and I decide who the first subject will be.