Or at least I think it’s Nosferatu. There’s some nomenclature confusion at the moment.

Every Halloween season, there’s this big wonderful celebration downtown called “Fright Night”. Lots of stuff goes on, it’s always very fun. There’s a magic show, a coffin race, a tour of haunted downtown spots, a showing of Rocky Horror Picture show (which I sadly have to miss to go to a friend’s Halloween party), a zombie walk (which I also have to miss because of work).

Every year they show a silent classic in the beautiful old Embassy theater. The Embassy is well known around these parts for its beautiful, pristine antique organ. So every Halloween, they show an silent horror film with organ accompaniment.  It’s always a really great experience. This year, they’re showing Nosferatu.

The historic embassy theater is a really beautiful place. (And yay excitement! My brother’s getting married in the Embassy theater in November.) It was built in the late 1920s as a movie palace and a vaudeville theater. Before it was the Embassy, it was the Emboyd.

So, if you’re around Fort Wayne, IN on Oct. 25, you should head downtown for Fright Night. Admission is $7 for adult and $4 for children. I think they should totally try to recreate the silent film experience and charge what would have been the ticket prices in the 1920s. 😀