I’m really glad that it looks like both Greg and James are back to posting on a somewhat regular basis. Not just because I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had much time to update (well, that, too I guess), but because I’m going to continue to be busy with Faulkner February.

I’m doing Faulkner February HARDCORE this year. It’s more than just reading a few books. I’m turning it into a whole project. Seven books (which means 50 pages a day). It might interest you guys, though, because I will also be watching the Faulkner films I can get my hands on (without putting down cash, which is tight right now).

This doesn’t mean I won’t be updating here for the next 40 days at all. I will be. Just not as often as I used to. But as soon as Faulkner February is over, I will definitely be back to the old schedule.

So head over to my other blog, thoughtful.thinking.thoughts if you’re interested. I start my reading tomorrow.