Man, they are rolling these things out like crazy now. Which makes Katie a very happy girl.  The third volume of Forbidden Hollywood, a series of pre-code DVD releases, will hit shelves on March 24th. That’s just 3 days before my birthday!

The focus of the set is “William Wellman at Warner Bros”, and the films on the set are…

Other Men’s Women
The Purchase Price
Midnight Mary
Heroes For Sale
Frisco Jenny
Wild Boys of the Road

Not quite as exciting a line-up as their past sets, but all very good, and essential pre-code films. Midnight Mary and Heroes for Sale are two of my all time favorite films.

There’s also a bonus disc with two documentaries on Wellman. The set also includes some short films and cartoons. And, all kinds of YAY!, commentaries on Midnight Mary, Heroes For Sale, and Wild Boys of the Road.

Classic Flix has the cover art…

I kind of wish it was just a general WB set instead of focusing on Wellman. That way we might be able to finally get Taxi! on DVD.

This is exciting news indeed. It looks like they were really serious when they said they wanted to get at least one of these sets out a year. Obviously sales are good enough for it. It’s just wonderful that these pre-code films are finally being released on DVD. And not just released, but released with beautiful prints and special features.

What are some other movies you’d like to see on these upcoming sets. Like I said, I’d love to see Taxi! And, naturally, Man’s Castle. Employees’ Entrance is one that really deserves a DVD release as well.