I’m sure there have been a few people wondering why their comments on certain posts haven’t shown up. It’s simple enough. I didn’t approve them.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with a review and saying so. That’s something we actually encourage on the site. It often lead to open discussion which we love. So please, we encourage everyone to post any thoughts they have on the films being discussed, and the opinions of the people writing about those films, whether you agree or disagree.

But ridiculing or insulting our writers will not be tolerated. This isn’t a case of us only wanting to hear from people agreeing with us. Like I said above, we like it when people disagree with us and start a discussion. Hell, we disagree with each other all the time. But this is a positive environment where we want everyone, and not just our writers, but also our readers who like to respond with their opinion, to feel encouraged to truly say what they feel about a film without ever having to worry about having their opinion or writing criticized, without having to worry about being condescended to.

Disagreement with the actual opinions on the films, performances, etc. are more than welcome. Criticism of the way someone writes their reviews, their intelligence, or their overall taste in general will not be tolerated. These comments will not be approved. Just remember that no matter how a person writes their reviews, and no matter what opinion they express, they are all just posting their own reaction. Just because you don’t agree with that reaction, or the way they express it in their reviews, is no need to be rude or condescending.