Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

That tomorrow on TCM’s Summer Under the Stars is Greta Garbo day. They’re playing both well know classics  like Camille, and lesser known gems like The Mysterious Lady. So take some time to watch, or just tivo, but don’t forget!

Few were greater.

Here’s the deal. After waiting forever to do so, TCM is FINALLY showing Man’s Castle. As you probably know from looking at this site, it’s my favorite movie. And Greg is fond of it as well. So we’re going to take the opportunity and devote an entire podcast to it. The podcast will be after the Montgomery one, so it will definitely not take place until after TCM has aired the film. Which gives all of you who have TCM the perfect opportunity to watch it. Both so that you can enjoy this great movie, and so you can actually listen to the podcast and understand what we’re talking about.

The films airs on August 31st at 11:30 pm.

Please go to the Podcast page and fill out the totally awesome survey!

Direct Download

Just thought I’d post a little info about this before I posted the podcast.

If you listen to the podcast (and I’m just going to make myself happy and assume that you all do), you’ll hear us explain this and the rules and all that….

If you click on the “Obscure Classics Quiz” page, you’ll see a list of questions. These are questions about the current podcast, so you have to listen to it to answer the questions. All you have to do is listen to the podcast, answer the questions, and whoever gets the most right in the fastest time wins a prize.

See, pretty simple.