So I bet some of you have been wondering what is up with the total lack of updates recently. They can be explained with one simple sentence: I’m a moron.

My internet wasn’t work for several days. I called Verizon, they tell me it doesn’t look like anything’s wrong, but that they’ll give my system a “reset”. That does nothing. I spend several days getting really pissed off. Unplugging the modem. Unplugging the computer. Nothing is working.

This goes on for DAYS. Finally, I take a look at the back of the router.

That’s right, folks. The phone line was unplugged from the router.

I’m officially an idiot.

So I’m going to try to stuff this place full of updates for the next few days to make up for my stupidity. The podcast will, without a doubt, be recorded next Sunday. Depending on how early we finish recording, it will either be up on Sunday night or Monday morning.