As promised in the podcast, here’s a list of sites online where you might be able to find some of Harlow’s films (and a whole bunch of other obscure classics)…. Yes, obvious. Some great classics are available on DVD, but several that aren’t did receive commercial video releases in the 1990s, and you can get several great classics used on VHS for really great prices. A really wonderful site. It’s not exactly “free”. The films themselves are, you’re just paying for the shipping and packaging. It’s less than $10 a movie, and they have a HUGE library of some really great classics, and you get them on DVD-R. Most of the prints they have are really good condition, and they’re upfront about the ones that aren’t. And shipping is usually very prompt. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than a few days for one of their movies to arrive.

Robert’s Hard to Find Videos: A little pricier than some places, but they have a lot of really rare movies you aren’t going to find anywhere else. They’re collection stretches beyond just classics as well. Some movies are available on VHS, some on DVD.

Box Office Greats: Not as extensive a collection as some other sites, but very reasonable prices, and they do have a few films I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. And as far as I know, they all come on DVD.

Old Time Entertainment: Not a huge collection, but a lot of really good titles. A good combination of obscure stuff, and better known films that just haven’t been released on DVD.

Hollywood’s Attic: Another site with a good combination of rare, obscure films and well known films without DVD releases.

Scooter Movie Shop: I just found this one recently, but they have a really, really great collection and the prices are really good.

The Timeless Theater: The don’t have a huge collection, but they do have some very good movies.