There’s an intriguing little tease over at the Fox Classics site. In the Coming Soon to DVD section, all the way at the bottom there’s simply a link that says For Christmas 2008, which brings you to this page…

Definitely an interesting tease, obviously pointing to the release of Borzage’s Seventh Heaven on DVD. But it seems pretty strange that they’d make such a mysterious, and big deal over one movie.

But… there are rumors. Rumors that have pretty much been confirmed. For Christmas this year, Fox will be releasing a massive Frank Borzage/FW Murnau box set. Yes, that’s right. Not only will there be lost of Borzage on DVD, but we also get some Murnau thrown in there, too.

It looks like the films on the set will be Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, Lucky Star, Lazybones, The River, Liliom, They Had to See Paris, and Song o’ My Heart from Borzage and City Girl, Sunrise, and Four Devils from Murnau. It’s also looking like it will have some pretty amazing special features.

Well….I know what I’m getting from my parents for Christmas.